Sell Us Your Used Laser

Are you looking to sell your old cosmetic laser equipment?

Get cash quickly for your old lasers from DirectMed Lasers.

Here’s how it works:

  1.  Complete the Sell Your Laser form with as much detail as possible
  2.  Your laser information will be sent to our engineers and purchasing team
  3. Our purchasing agent will either request additional details, or make an offer if it is a laser we can resell
  4. Once an offer is accepted and agreed upon, we will send you a purchase order and electronic agreement
  5. The laser will be shipped to our facility and pending final inspection you will receive the balance of the agreed price

Complete the Sell Your Laser form now to get started!

Sell Your Laser

  • Please enter as much information as you would like about your equipment. Examples are year, manufacturer, when was it last serviced, shot count (if applicable). Please enter any and all information that would be useful to someone wanting to purchase your piece of equipment.
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