Stop paying too much for overpriced manufacturer service and warranty!

Our In-House Service Department provides your facility with a complete solution for laser repair, service, training and warranty. We are the only company that can offer “Blue Dot Certification” on our pre-owned re-certified equipment. This means your lasers are guaranteed to fire at OEM specs.

In addition, our service department can offer you the highest quality laser service and repair at a fraction of the cost of the manufacturers. We can service most major manufacturers equipment including both lasers and handpieces. We can also service and refurbish most any laser or IPL handpiece to original factory specifications.

Please complete the application form to request a Laser Service Audit ($250 value) with one of our technicians at no cost and no obligation. This preliminary diagnosis often uncovers simple issues that can be resolved over the phone without unnecessary shipping and repair cost.

Request a free Laser Service Audit or call 877-750-0660 to schedule an appointment with a technician now!